Benefits of E-Cigs Over Traditional Smoking

The benefits of vaping over analogue cigarettes


Vaping devices, also known as e-cigarettes, are battery-operated devices that may be shaped like cigarettes and provide a means of getting access to nicotine, while still theoretically smoking. E-cigarettes work by heating a liquid cartridge that contains flavors, nicotine and other chemicals. The smokeless heated liquid is then released by the e-cigs (instead of burnt tobacco that is released by traditional cigarettes).


Electronic cigarettes are referred to as the “safe” alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, are they safe? Do they have any health benefits? Do they have any other benefits over traditional smoking? These issues will be discussed in this article.


Are E-Cigarettes Safe?


Firstly, it is important to note the fact that there is a considerable difference between e-cigarettes and vaping devices. While they generally work the same, e-cigarettes do not offer a very satisfactory experience, as they lack enough power, do not have many flavors, and do not last for a long period of time. Instead, vaping devices are considerably more powerful, offer more intense flavor, stronger nicotine administration, better throat hits, and also last considerably longer.


Burning of tobacco, as well as the use of an open flame to light traditional cigarettes, causes serious fire hazards. Traditional cigarettes are the leading cause of fire-related hazards and deaths in the United Kingdoms and 7 other countries around the world.

The use of e-cigarettes does not pose any harm since you are not creating a flame, but rather heating a coil up. E-cigarettes and vaping devices can also be dangerous from this point of view, as when not used correctly, their batteries can get damaged and explode.


In terms of the health risks, studies have shown that vaping is theoretically harmless. Yet, you do not want to abuse vaping either, as in the long-run, it may lead to some health issues as well.


The leading Benefits of E-Cigarettes over Traditional Smoking

  • E-Cigarettes Do Not Have Offensive Odor

We all know that cigarettes smell. The scent in the smoke of cigarettes gets into anything that it comes in contact with. This smell is the direct result of the burning of tobacco, tar and numerous chemicals, and can be quite unpleasant to anyone.


However, e-cigarettes do not have any offensive odor. This is because instead of exhaling smoke, a vapor is being exhaled. Vaping devices do smell, but this smell is often pleasant and only lasts for a couple of minutes until the vapor disappears completely.

  • E-Cigarettes Are Cheaper Than Traditional Cigarettes


The price of cigarettes has been constantly increasing during the last couple of years, with multiple taxes being added in. In fact, smokers can expect to pay more than three times what they spent a decade ago on cigarettes.


However, the monthly cost of electronic cigarettes is about half of the cost of traditional cigarettes. After the initial investment, vapers should only expect to purchase e-liquid and coils every once in a while.


  • Social Benefits

Smoking is being viewed negatively by the society for a number of reasons. These reasons include smell, health effects as well as the healthcare costs. All these reasons give traditional cigarettes a bad name.


If you’re smoker, then you must have noticed an increase in restrictions that you experience with respect to where you can light up your cigarettes, most especially at private parties or events where the host is not a smoker.


Health Benefits of E-Cigs over Traditional Cigarettes


Lots of studies have revealed how smoking traditional cigarettes can lead to health-related conditions such as stroke, lung cancer, heart attack, pneumonia, throat cancer, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis amongst others. Traditional cigarettes also contain a huge number of dangerous chemicals. Most of these chemicals are carcinogenic (i.e. they cause cancer). Most users of e-cigarettes have reported feeling better once they’ve started using them.



E-cigarettes produce nicotine-free smokes and are also free from other harmful chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes.



E-cigarettes and vaping devices are beneficial when compared to traditional smoking. Most people have discovered that they can still enjoy smoking and also get the nicotine that they want without using traditional cigarettes, which are unhealthy and smell terrible.