Prevent coil burns


Vaping devices and e-cigarettes are great, but a high percentage of the people who try them out cannot get over the taste of a burnt wick, and the possibility of having this happen to them often.

Indeed, the experience is horrible. Some compare the flavor created by a burnt wick to burnt hair, combined with the sensation of someone sandpapering the inside of your lungs and nostrils- simply horrible.  Luckily, there are numerous ways to ensure that you never have to deal with a burnt wick again, thus forcing you to grasp for air while feeling sorry for the vaping community.

To kick things off, it is important to be aware of a couple of aspects. With this in mind, vapers should know how to tell whether their coil is burnt, or in the process of burning, why coils burn in the first place and what should be done to stop coils from burning out.

Noticing whether your coil is burnt

Before anything else, you should not expect coils to work forever. Eventually, they will get burnt due to continuous use. In case your coil is slightly burnt, or in the process of burning out, then chances are that you may notice a difference in flavor- roughly 20% of the flavor described above.

In case it has indeed, burnt out, you'll definitely tell after your first puff.

Understanding why coils get burnt in the first place

To help avoid dealing with burnt coils too often, it is important to understand why coils burn out. With this in mind, when you vape, pressing the fire key will allow electricity to flow through your coil, thus heating it up. This heat, is then taken up by the e-liquid that you're using, which is then soaked up into the wick (generally cotton), thus turning the vaping juice into the tasty vapor that we all enjoy.

Generally, the juice soaked in the wick, is replaced as soon as it's turned into vapor, which is why you can take puff after puff. However, overusing the fire key or running out of e-juice can dry up the wick, thus causing both the coil and the wick to heat up. When this happens, either the juice remaining in the wick gets overcooked, thus causing the PG present to break down into harmful, gross chemicals. In the unfortunate case that there's absolutely nothing to protect the wick from the heat, the wick gets burnt due to the heating coil. Both burnt liquid and burning cotton taste absolutely horrible.

Stopping our coils from burning up too quickly

The risk of burning up your coil when there's enough juice in, is considerably smaller, yet still present. With this in mind, there are several steps that you constantly need to take, to make sure that you prolong the life of your coils, thus ensuring a more pleasurable vaping experience from all the points of view.

  • Priming your coil when you install it

Upon installing your new coil, the wick needs to go from completely dry, to completely soaked. To help it achieve this, it is important to drop a few drops of liquid on your cotton, prior to mounting it in your tank. This will help soak the coil ad the cotton wick, thus prolonging its life. Some vapers prefer taking a couple of puffs from their vape device, without pressing the fire key, as this will automatically soak your wick. Be careful though! Doing it wrong can over-soak your wick, thus causing liquid drips and other unpleasant experiences.

  • Reduce your current power settings

Vaping at high powers may be enjoyable, thus doing it constantly at high temperatures, will surely burn your wick and coil, due to the excess heat that doesn't get enough time to dissipate. Whenever you feel like your flavor is dying out, you may want to reduce the power settings, while also taking a small break.

  • Avoid chain vaping

We all admit it. It is indeed enjoyable. Vaping until you can't see around the room anymore due to the large clouds is a great experience. Yet, it's a deadly disease for your coil. When vaping, you need to make sure that your coil has enough time to saturate with e-liquid, prior to pressing the fire key. Taking puff after puff, and passing your vaping device around for a few minutes, can permanently damage your coil, thus requiring you to change it.

  • Make sure to keep your tank topped up at all time

While this is not mandatory, it can have an important influence on prolonging the lifespan of your coil. Based on this, the simplest solution is to keep your tank topped up as much as you can. The more juice is in contact with the wick, the more saturated it will become, thus offering a better vaping experience.

  • Try using liquids with more PG, and with less sweeteners

In the vaping community, it is common knowledge that PG-based liquids are thinner when compared with VG-based. With this in mind, this aspect has an important correlation between the period of time that it takes for the wick to soak up. In return, liquids with VG content of 70% and above can cause problems with your wick, thus ruining your coils. Attempt using a high PG liquid, or at least a 50/50 mix.

Not only this, but e-juices with a lot of sweetener added have the potential of gunking up your coil, thus caramelizing the wick and juice.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, by following these tips, your coil will take significantly longer before it gets burnt, thus prolonging your enjoyable vaping experience and saving you more money. What do you personally think about the tips? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.